Karajini National Park

Karajini is about 200 km south of Port Hedland in Australia's northern outback. It was in the C 40's during the day up top, but the pools below were so delightfully cool, full of flowing mineral water (no salt!) winding through spectacular canyons. Not many Aussie's visit this gem, and very few tourists make the drive. I spent several days here with Nancke and Gyde, from Germany.

Nancke takes a break from the hard work involved in staying cool.

Very hot up top. We measured the temp in how many days a bag of ice would last. As I remember, this was a 'one day, one bag' stretch of heat. The rock was often too hot to sit on. A very cool spot well worth a visit if you're in the North looking for a freshwater spot to cool off.

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