More trekking...

Here are some images from trekking in the Markah Valley and in Zanskar.

Stanzin and (some of) his seven sisters

In Markah, I had ponies. In Zanskar, I was the pony. While there, I stayed with this family in Mune, Zanskar valley. Stanzin is second from right.Yes, he does have seven sisters, and more family members, to boot. This family was very generous in letting me stay in their house while I was trekking on my own. The strong 'chang' they served went down especially well after a day's trek.

Friends in Pibche

Travelling with a British couple, Robin & Natalie, we stopped here for a mid-day break. This woman and her mother invited us in for chai. Also some 'salt tea', which is made with yak butter. I don't know if it was the tea or what, but for the remainder of this short 5-day trek, I felt so ill I only consumed instant noodle soup and water. Not the best for energy at altitude, but as they say in Hindi "What to do?" Anyway, these were warm hosts who graciously took us in out of the mid-day sun.

Sonam, my guide through the Markah Valley. This was the second trek we'd done together. Here he mugs for the camera on the way down to Shingo.

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