The people of Sangla

At the head of the Sangla Valley is the village of Chitkul, which my map says is at about 3500 meters. An incredible place. Amazing people: simple, friendly, and very hardy.

Two Kinnauri women. Everybody loved the camera. Well, almost everyone.

Good friends.

It took a long time to get this shot, but not because anybody was shy. Initially, these two guys didn't want the third fellow in the shot. Then, they realized that cutting him out would mean bad feelings. So we settled on having him be in the background. This all took about 5 minutes of pointing, confering one-on-one, then staring silently at the ground, and then laughing when it got resolved.

When in Rome

Kinnauri lookalike. I really felt at home here--more than any other place in the past 9 months. I'm going back...

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