Trekking in the Himalayas

In late August I spent 10 days trekking in Ladakh, in the far northern region of India, near the Nepal/Tibet/Pakistan border. Although there are more than half a million troops massed around the area, once you get out into the mountains, it's hard to find another living soul. The area is populated by the native Ladakhi peoples, and Tibetan and Nepali refugees/immigrants. Sending the boots home seemed like a good idea two months ago in Fiji...

Two Hindis, a Tibetan, and an American.

Here we are getting ready on the first morning. I spent the next 10 days with the fellow at far right, Humesh. Humesh is a Hindi, and doesn't know alot of English. My Hindi was non-existent, so we resorted to alot of sign language and one-word conversations. A wonderful experience, just he & I out there, crossing high passes and interacting with the locals...


The days were warm, and the nights cold. We had everything from blazing sun to snow and wind. Yet Humesh wore the same clothing at all times. It's amazing how warm a scarf can be.

Ladakhi women

The Ladakhis are still mostly nomadic herders of yak, goats and sheep. These women (mother, daughter and granddaughter) were part of a group coming down to their village at the season's end. They will endure the long winter at 13,000 feet in stone houses, tending their animals, and trying to survive until spring.

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