After coming down from my Himalayan high, I left for Koblenz, Germany for a few days to have what I thought would be a gradual re-entry to life back in the states. No, this isn't India anymore, Toto.

Burg Eltz Castle

Although some parts are open for tours, other areas of this incredible edifice are still used for holidays by descendants of the original owners. Pretty cool. Make that Very Cool. We were there on a hot day and the rooms were like ancient ice boxes.


At the confluence of the Rhine and Mosul rivers. The best thing here might have been the culinary fast-food phenomenon which the Germans call 'curry wurst'. This is just what it sounds like--some bratwurst cut into little pieces, floating in a brown, somewhat sludgy curry sauce. It wasn't bad, but I missed the snake charmers.

The Wall

Sibille holds up what's left of the Berlin Wall, a portion of which was moved to Koblenz. I met Sibille in Australia back in January, 2004 and it was only fitting that the trip ended with a brief reunion.

Thanks, Sibille, for everything. Go well.
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