Th obligatory wine tour shot.

Check out those vines, and the grass in between. Turns out this region of Australia has more venemous snakes than most other places, making this this anti- venom capital of the country. Good thing, because alot of the folks who pick these grapes are 20-somethings on gap year and loooking to get a tan, and maybe pick some grapes. The snakes have little problem when workers insist on wearing shorts and flip-flops. Luckily, anti-venom is close at hand.

Dry, like California.

Taken from atop the Schild estate. This is the Barossa Valley, named after another famous wine growing region in Spain. This Barossa produces the vast majority of Aussie wines. Penfolds, Wolf Blass, Jacob's Creek, and a host of other medium and tiny wineries dot this very productive region.

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