uluru -ayers rock

Uluru was a traditional women's site, where young were cared for while men hung out at kata juta, a few miles to the west. Most people have no idea how big uluru is--I didn't. It's 6 miles around. Walking around it was Very Cool. Well, it was hotter than you-know-what, but we had loads of wind this day to keep flies off and temps down. Couldn't drink enough water.

There were certain aspects where visitors were insructed NOT to take pictures of the rock, because they were sacred sites. This is not one of those places.

Outback girls sampling some of the local red-- 'Vin de Sac'. The lone male lurking in the background is Giles, from France, who is wisely having none of it. This was the only organized tour we took-- with Way Outback Tours out of Alice. Ten of us crammed into a Land Rover for four days. Uluru, Katajuta, Kings Canyon. A good time with people from Canada, Germany, France, UK and US.

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