Easy Riders

The Easy Riders are a group of men in their 50's from Dalat who take passengers on their 125cc Honda Federals throughout the Central Highlands region. On this trip their were three tourists, myself, and Bernhardt and Emily from the UK. That's Emily, above, riding with Nuyuen. We stopped to visit many different people and economic activities, from farming to silk worm production and silk spinning, rice wine making and ceramic production. This was one of the highlights of the trip for me, not the least of which was my guide, Toan (Tom), pictured below, who is a very special person of great knowledge, compassion and patience.

We visited this silk spinning factory, 'manned' by women in their late teens. This day I had on a pair of shorts which they felt were a bit too short--I had few silk cuccoons thrown at me from unknown assailants, and there was no shortage of giggling and snickering. Toan had to explain that no, I was not parading around in my underwear.

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