Central Vietnam

The View into the Central Highlands

This area of Vietnam is special. Populated primarily by hill tribe peoples, the area has a long history of remaining independant. From French occupation in the late 1800's right through to today, the people have maintained their customs despite attempts to assimilate them into whatever mainstream government was in power at the time. It's a land of dense forest cover in the uplands, and limitless rice fields in the lowlands. There are more than 20 different tribes that call the place home.

A young man from the Namong tribe. The people are incredibly innocent and open hearted.

Many villages preserve the tradition of the longhouse, a place where an extended family lives. Even though some concessions have been made (like using concrete foundations)the villages are still very traditional. Here, you can see the influence of the matrilineal culture--a separate ladder for men and women to enter the longhouse. This village has had electricity for about six months.

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