Going to Market

I visited the Binh Tay Market in the Cho Lon (Chinatown) section of HCMC. This place sells wholesale only, but it's a great place to roam around. A testimony to Chinese-influenced architecture, the market encompasses several standard city blocks, selling food, clothing and just about everything else you could imagine.

The Dreaded (and much loved) Durian fruit

On the table at left are spiky durians, a fruit unavailable outside SE Asia. The durian fruit has a terrible fermented stink, but if you hold your nose, it's not too bad. The stink is so bad though that hotels have signs prohibiting guests from eating the fruit inside. Some people think this is the best tasting fruit in the world. I'm unconvinced and still maintain my fondness for mangoes...

Need a Hat?

You can't but a hat here, but you can buy 50 at a time. The narrow lanes inside the market just go on and on.

Wanna buy some rice?

I couldn't tell the difference between the 16 different varieties of rice on offer here, but the locals can. The premium stuff goes for about 30 cents a kilo.

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