Small Boats

There is no thing so joyous as messing about in small boats

I was very fortunate to be a participant in a re-creation of the small boat 'raids' the French used to perform in Recerche Bay and the D'Entrecasteaux Channel back in the 1800's. Our expedition consisted of about ten small boats--all wooden--that travelled for more than a week, ending at Tasmania's Hobart Wooden Boat Festival. This event was organized by the good folks at the Living Boat Trust

I spent all my time in the Whale Boat, with a great bunch who even let me take a turn at the sweep oar, much to my joy.

The stalwart crew, Captained by John Young, entering the inner harbour at Hobart on Saturday the 10th of February, 2007, bringing the 8-day expedition to a close.

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