Kava and Cassava

Here we sit around the kava bowl at Toni's place in Tongatapu. Kava is a drink derived from the roots of a tree in the pepper family. The cremony varies across island nations, but the effects are the same--you develop a mild lethargy, or come to a full-stop, depending on how much of the stuff you drink. The taste? The best description I heard was "tastes like liquid soil".

Spez hefts a breadfruit on Uiha Island while sporting a very smart shopping bag.

Shredding coconut on Uiha,in preparation for the lovo (big dinner) celebrating the King's birthday. You can see smke from the fire heating rocks for the lovo--the food's all wrapped in leaves and cooked underground using the heated rocks. Dee-licious ("Fu Ifo" in Tongan).The King turned 86 on July 4th, and there were all kinds of parades and signs erected to mark the occasion.

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