Kayaking New Zealand

The intrepid Folbot, Seri

This is John's Spezia's Folbot, Seri. She took us to many great spots, and only takes about an hour to assemble/disassemble. She also has a sail that allows her to go downwind pretty well. In a little over 2 months we paddled about 200 kilometers through the North and South Islands of New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga. Here we are in the Bay of Islands area of NZ, where we stayed for many days on Urupukapuka Island.


John Spezia, and wife, Diane Brower. Diane joined us for the last part of the NZ trip, and the first part of the Fiji trip.

Skimming along...

Rainbows--always a fine start. Here john and Diane paddle the first day from Paihia. The photographer (me) rented a hardshell kayak for this part of the trip.

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