New Zealand--South Island

Clouds fill the valley on the Milford Track. The Milford, an easy, and spectacular 4-day walk through rainforest and high mountain valleys above bushline. Billed the "The Finest Walk in the World", I have to say it ain't too shabby, especially when you get days like this.

The view from McKenzie Pass.

The highest point on the Milford track, about 1,000 meters above sea level. This was a trip with some folks from the Colorado Mountain Club who were gracious enough to let me tag along on their permit, which was reserved months in advance. We started this morning in the mist, and ended up a few hours later up here. Worth the hike I think you'll agree!

Atop McKenzie Pass, on the Milford. Here's a high point showing off...Although we had great weather for almost the entire time, the corona tells you that moisture is never very far away.

And Milford Sound itself. Note the waterfall in photo center, spilling out into the Sound. A few spots of snow (glaciers) grace the highest peaks. I got to toodle around in a kayak for a couple of hours as part of a canned tour. Very spectacular country. This is geologically very young country, and it tends to go up, straight up in many places. The Sound empties out to the sea, but the water is mixed with a heavy dose of fresh stuff, and here even though we're not more than a mile from Big Blue, doesn't taste salty in the least. It was interesting to learn that quite a few locals who live in the town of Te Anau, which is only a couple hours' drive from this very spot, have never even seen the Sound, except in the numerous postcards they sell to make a living. Pretty amazing.

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