Dusky--What's it like on the trail?

Roots, rock, and no reggae

See all the roots? See how nice and shiny they are? Well, it's raining and that's the track. Those roots are really, really slippery. Like slug snot. This is actually not a bad place--there's no mud pits, wallows, rivers or quicksand. The worst places were simply too gripping to take photos. You just grit your teeth a little and go for it. Carefully. A good walking stick to help balance (and to probe the depths of dark swirling muddy water)helps!


The forest tries to re-claim the track, and almost succeeds...It was incredibly beautiful, and I kept expecting little hobbits to spring forth from the undergrowth and share their secrets with me.


A rare spot of sun graces the camera lens. Walking off track was not really an option. You could, but the going was incredibly slow.

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