Up high on the Dusky Track

The Dusky Track is a challenging 84 km. walk from Lake Hauroko to Lake Manapouri. Rated as 'demanding' in the literature, it was an experience of a lifetime. As opposed to the Milford, which sees about 15,000 hikers during the summer hiking season, only about 300 hikers get to this place. Up high, this is awesome, wild, Lord of the Rings country, full of tons of lakes, constant swirling mists and disappearing peaks. As green as green can be, and nice granite boulders to scamper around on. Scroll right for the whole image.

The Day Before Snow

Looking up at one of hundreds of unnamed peaks that grace the high country above the forest. Below in the foreground, a nice, friendly (WET) temperate rainforest, very similar to Tasmania's. Lots of ferns, beech trees, and moss everywhere.


The wet turned somewhat more solid. We were quite surprised to see snow cover those very same ferns the next day, as a super low pressure cell blasted in from the southwest, right off the Tasman Sea about 10 miles away. Now those roots are really slippery, and the mud pits have a nice coating of frost around their edges, making them all cool and latte-like. Well, you have to keep your spirits up somehow...

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