Tongariro Crossing


This is a one day walk (5-6 hours without peak climb) that's turned out to be pretty popular. OK, it's more than just popular. It can be absolutely thronged, with wall-to-wall people on a sunny holiday weekend. This was just a regular day, and I got up here pretty early--before anyone else, it turned out. What it's like (on a sunny day!!)

The view down from the summit of Ngaurahoe, to the flat plain below. This shot's taken around 7:30 a.m. By about 9 a.m., expect to see several hundred people up here doing the Crossing on a busy weekend. Awesome place. Go early.

Early light on Ngaurahoe

Looking towards summit of Ngaurahoe (say nara-ho-wee). Yes, an ice storm had just passed the night before. This is supposed to be a slippery scree scramble. It wasn't all that 'soft' the day I climbed it--ice can sometimes provide a good foothold.

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