Friends along the way

Vacation Pictures

Along the tracks there's ample chance to strike up friendships with other trampers. Here, Gene from our CMC Milford trip gets some well-deserved support from Linda and Frederika, from the Netherlands. Gene's blisters by this point were hurting him pretty badly, but these gals helped ease the pain somewhat. What you cannot see are the sandflies which made for very quick pictures!

High times on the Dusky

Two young American lads, Sam and Scott accompanied me on the Dusky. They had a lifetime supply of food, and their packs weighed about 20 lbs more than mine (which was the food equivalent of the ultra slimfast diet.) Here they pose without their heavy burdens in their finest rainwear. Sam has made a nice choice of trouser colors--optical white. Nice going, buddy! With the dark brown mud along the inside of his legs, it looks like...well use your imagination. These guys reminded me of those college days that are now decades (eek!) in the past. Thanks for sharing provisions, lads!

Look ma, no Rain!

Emyr, from Wales was standing by the road leading out of Christchurch with his thumb out and a great Welshman's grin. Having spent time on the other end of the hitching game in my misspent youth, Em & I spent a couple of days together trucking around the West coast together. Good company! This shot's taken on the East side of Arthur's pass in an area of limestone caves and open grasslands-quite a contrast to many other zones I visited on the South Island. Ah, sun!

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